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My Apps


The official iPhone app for the Fête de la Musique Berlin.

TEDx Thessaloniki

TEDxThess is the official iPhone app for TEDx Thessaloniki.


The official app for the Thessaloniki International Film Festival and the Thessaloniki Documentary Festival.

Thess allios

The official Made In Thessaloniki iPhone App.


ClustTour is a better way to search, discover and browse interesting city areas, POIs and events.


The official app for the 22nd Kassandra Festival.


A location based social mobile app that enables users to communicate with people around them.

Your App...

My Process

1. Identify

I understand your business first. Then, I identify problems, inefficient workflows, and most importantly, opportunities.

2. Find Solutions

I take your problems and map out innovative and direct solutions.

3. Design Interface

An application should be a pleasant and productive conversation with the user and their device. It should appeal to the eye and the mind. In other words, I make it look pretty.

4. Implement

I write the code that breathes life into the application. I am good at this – the question is never, “Can I?” Rather, “Does it make things better?”

5. Test

I sure it works the way you want it to and the way people expect it to.

6. Feedback

I listen to what you say. After all, what I create is yours.

7. Development Cycle

I do it all again. Until your feedback is simply, “Yes, this is it.”

8. Deploy

I manage the process of getting the application into people’s hands. Whether that is your internal team or millions of customers across the world, I know all of the rules and all of the obstacles.

Contact Me

Juxhin (Eugene) Bakalli

Thessaloniki, Greece


+30 6982037984

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